Sour Cream Glazed Doughnut ?

Ew, that sounds disgusting. That was my initial reaction the first time I ever saw a sour cream glazed doughnut. Coming to Western New York from New York City, there were a lot of thing I wasn’t used to or had never heard of.. Pop, beef on weck, Loganberry, so by the time I had seen the sour glazed doughnut I took it with a grain of salt because everything is different here.

sour cream glazedI don’t remember exactly what caused me to try it, but whether it was a friend’s recommendation or just my own curiosity, I am happy that I did.

I really didn’t know what to expect when I took the first bite, will it taste like sour cream? It doesn’t smell too good.. I eat sour cream on tacos, why would you glaze a doughnut with it? But once I took that first bite I knew I was addicted. I may have eaten one everyday for a good 2 months.

I still don’t understand why it taste so good. I mean sour cream?? Really? Who thinks of this stuff? Thank you, whoever you are.



The Caramel Salted Doughnut

FullSizeRenderWhile at Tim Horton’s the other day, I spotted a new doughnut that I had never seen there before. It was the Salted Caramel Doughnut. I was really excited about this because I love salted caramel things.

The chocolate glaze on it kind of overpowered the other flavors upon first bite but the salted flavor was apparent. It didn’t really have that strong pop of salted caramel that I am used to experiencing with other similarly flavored treats which was disappointing. Don’t get me wrong it was really good and all, it just lacked the strength of flavor I desired. It was really crunchy, which is something different from the other doughnuts I have had from Timmy’s.

Tim Horton’s alway has different specialty doughnuts which vary by holidays or just limited time only flavors.

I’d definitely get it again, but it’s not a favorite.

Doughnuts Vs. Cake

I was inspired to write this post after reading a comment left on my previous post by thefilmeditorial. He said he thinks Krispy Kreme’s chocolate glazed doughnut is better than cake! Well let’s find out if this is true.

The contenders will be judged in five different categories:

Accesibility – How easy it is to get your hands on one of these treats.

Taste/Flavor – Does it have the capability to take on many different flavors?

Consistency – Does it melt in your mouth? Hard, soft, spongy?

Mobility – Can I take it with me on the go? Do I need anything extra to enjoy it?

Presentation – We all can agree that they are both tasty, but is it visually appealing to people who “eat with their eyes?”


Photo by Flickr user: Pordeshia
Photo by Flickr user: Pordeshia

How often do you walk down the street and see a cake shop? Probably, not as often as you would see a doughnut shop. I mean, sure you can go in to a bakery for cake, but you can’t even get a single slice at most bakeries. On the contrary you can most likely get a single doughnut at said bakery! There are also a lot more independent doughnut shops and chain doughnut shops in the United States. Dunkin’ Donuts has a total of 7,015 shops in the United States alone. Tim Horton’s has 869 and Krispy Kreme totals at 159 US shops(Quality over quantity, am I right?). So, just from these three popular doughnut purchasing locations you have the option of 8,033 places to pick up a delicious doughnut.

Doughnuts are also a lot faster to make than cake would take. And in the same amount of time it takes to make one, you can easily make 12 at least!

Doughnut: 10/10

Cake: 7/10


Photo by Flickr user: Bakerella
Photo by Flickr user: Bakerella

This is by far the hardest category to judge on. First, it is difficult to judge because of the subjectivity of the category. You know, every person perceives taste differently just like we see that dress differently, blah blah blah.. But secondly and mainly it is difficult to judge because they are both just delicious treats that I could never say no to.

Cakes come in many different varieties, from angel cake to wine cake but the opportunities for cake are still only limited to those varieties. A Doughnut has the ability to take on just as many, if not all the varieties that of cake. There is way more creative freedom of flavors for doughnuts than there is for cake.

Doughnut: 10/10

Cake: 9/10


Photo by Flickr user: Magdalena Kucza
Photo by Flickr user: Magdalena Kucza

Cake can be soft, dry or moist but so can doughnuts. Just as doughnuts can take on the different varieties of cake, they can take on the different consistencies of cake. Although there are some doughnuts that wouldn’t quite work as a cake such as the cronut™. Another pro of doughnuts is the “harmonious, balanced, perfect bite.” With every bite you take, you get an equal amount of glazing and any topping that may be on the round delicacy. One can argue that a slice of cake can have a perfect bite but only if it’s standing up right would that be possible.

  Doughnut: 10/10

Cake: 9/10


Photo by Flickr user: Lap Fung Chang
Photo by Flickr user: Lap Fung Chang

Aren’t things always better when they’re portable? Let’s take a moment to really think about that. Every innovation always involves a smaller version than the previous version. Phones, Bluetooths, DVD players, computers… All things that have been introduced to the portable spectrum. Sure, you can take a cake with you, but you’ll also need a fork and a plate which would require two hands and would hinder you from doing anything else until you’re done with your cake. A Doughnut you can literally grab and go! Go to work, go grocery shopping, go to the mall and still have a hand free for coffee!

Doughnut: 10/10

Cake: 6/10


Photo by Flickr user: nscctx
Photo by Flickr user: nscctx

I have seen some really eccentric cakes. They can take on many different forms like lions and even Mario. It’s 2015, the possibilities for what a cake can look like are near endless. Heck, there are even tv shows about making cakes! Although in my time I have seen some very beautiful doughnut designs I think they are a lot more limited that a cake would be when it comes to looking unique. Sorry doughnuts. ):

Doughnut: 6/10

Cake: 10/10


Doughnut: 4/5

Cake: 1/5

I think it’s safe to say that doughnuts have taken the cake on this one! It’s good to finally have this life long debate settled once and for all! Thanks for reading!