Giant hand or mini doughnut? Happy National Doughnut Day

I could not think of a better day to return to this wonderfully neglected blog dedicated to my undying love of doughnuts than National Doughnut Day. Free doughnuts! What a time to be alive… am I right? I’ve returned to New York City for good and I am ready to take on doughnut-hole new world of doughnuts. 

Today I visited a place I knew would not let me down, Doughnut Plant NYC. I returned for my all time favorite, the Tres Leches doughnut. I sit in Seward Park on the Lower East Side wishing it was 10 minutes ago so I could eat it again. 

Pictured above is Doughnut Plant’s way of celebrating this momentus day, a free carnival sprinkles mini cake doughnut… And good things come in small packages.

Here is a cliché Instagram-esque photo of my Tres Leches. If you have yet to visit Doughnut Plant or if you have and haven’t tried the Tres Leches, I suggest taking a trip down there and getting one…dozen.


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